General Terms and Conditions for Thrill Seekers MTB Pty Limited trading as Premium MTB Transfers (“Premium MTB Transfers”)

Please read carefully as all bookings with Premium MTB Transfers are subject to the following terms and conditions.

In completing and submitting the online booking or paying cash on pickup, you, and any person within your party using our service, agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which form an agreement between Premium MTB Transfers and you (and your party). Making a booking or paying cash on pickup will be taken as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Changing a booking 
Any requests to change a booking must be emailed to

This does not guarantee your change will be accepted, changes are only possible if the requested time slot is available. If the requested time slot is not available, and your request was received more than 72 hours prior to your transfer/shuttle service, a full refund will be provided. Any change requests received within 72 hours of your transfer/shuttle service are subject to the cancellation policy.

Refunds can take up to 48 hours to process, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Cancellation requests
Please call us immediately if you wish to cancel your service.

The following refund policies apply to cancellations:

  • If your cancellation request is within 48 hours or less of your agreed transfer/shuttle service, no refund will be provided.
  • If your cancellation request is within 48 – 72 hours of your agreed transfer/shuttle service, a 50% refund will be provided.

Unaccompanied Minor Policy        
Children under the age of 15 years are not permitted to travel unaccompanied on Premium MTB Transfers.  All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Proof of age for the accompanied person may be requested and must be shown prior to the service being provided. If no identification is provided, travel may be refused for both passengers. Any costs incurred due to the refusal of service will be incurred by the customer, Premium MTB Transfers does not assume any liability for these costs.

The person accompanying the child under the age of 15 years old must accept full responsibility for the child during the journey.

Timetable and Travel Conditions
All schedules are correct at the time of placement on the website.  Premium MTB Transfers reserves the right to alter the schedules as it deems necessary.  Whilst every effort is made to maintain the scheduled service, no responsibility will be taken for inconvenience due to delayed service, or for any additional cost or expense that may be incurred by you as a result of scheduling changes.  Travel duration times are subject to change due to traffic and weather conditions.  Premium MTB Transfers recommends that when making travel plans, you ensure that a contingency is in place for unforeseen circumstances that may occur and are out of our control.

Travel Insurance 
Personal travel insurance is not included in the price of the service. It is a condition of booking with Premium MTB Transfers that you are adequately insured in respect of illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, damage to or loss of bicycle and cancellation or curtailment. It is your responsibility to make such insurance arrangements.

Bike / Accident Insurance 
We carry your bike or equipment without accepting any liability for any accident or damages. Bike insurance is not included in the price of the service and we recommend you have your bike privately insured in case of a mishap, accident or damage.  We also will not be liable for any additional bike hire expenses in the event your bike is damaged and not rideable.

Route Changes   
Departure or conclusion of the service or to modify any aspect of the service, to postpone, cancel or delay any such aspect of the service is at the absolute discretion of the driver, if it is necessary to do so due to inclement weather, snow or icy conditions or conditions that are otherwise likely to be hazardous or dangerous or due to any other adverse or threatening conditions which may affect the safety of participants.

In the event of any change, modification, cancellation postponement or delay under this condition, you acknowledge that you will have no right of refund of the service price (whether in whole or in part) and no right to claim compensation for any injury, loss or damage or other additional expenses incurred by virtue of the change, modification, cancellation postponement or delay.

Premium MTB Transfers, in its absolute discretion, holds the right to cancel any shuttle due to any government or emergency services agency warning or advice, or any change in such warning or advice. In this event condition we will offer a full refund or transfer of a shuttle. We suggest you have travel insurance.

Right to Refuse Travel   
Premium MTB Transfers reserves the right to refuse travel or remove from the vehicle any passenger, regardless of whether the passenger holds a valid ticket, where the passenger;

  • Behaves in a disruptive, threatening or unlawful manner and may pose a threat to themselves, other passengers, Premium MTB Transfers staff or property; or
  • is observed smoking, consuming alcohol or taking illicit drugs or attempting to smoke, consume alcohol or take illicit drugs on board.

In the event travel is refused or a passenger is removed from the vehicle, Premium MTB Transfers take no responsibility for inconvenience due to refusal of service, or for any additional cost or expense that may be incurred by you as a result of the refusal of service. Premium MTB Transfer will not provide a refund for the cost of the booking in this event.

Premium MTB Transfers further reserves the right to refuse booking requests or refuse travel to those passengers who are in breach, or have previously breached Premium MTB Transfers Terms and Conditions.

Passengers with a Carer  
Passengers who are unable to travel alone and require assistance must travel with a carer or chaperone.  Premium MTB Transfers staff are only permitted to provide basic assistance. Drivers are unable to assist with access to facilities, lift or carry passengers, administer medicines or perform any medical procedures.

Passengers Travelling with a Medical Conditions   
For passengers who have a medical condition it is recommended that a carer/chaperone accompany you on your journey. In the event that a passenger becomes ill during their journey the appropriate emergency services will be contacted and the continuation of travel will be determined by the emergency services personnel.

Our drivers are not trained or permitted to administer any medicines or perform medical tasks.

Luggage / Personal Equipment 
Premium MTB Transfers does allow for the carriage of luggage and passengers’ bikes and associated riding equipment.

Premium MTB Transfers Pty Ltd may refuse carriage of any equipment, if in its opinion the luggage is:

  • unsafe;
  • a hazardous substance or dangerous good;
  • likely to be damaged during travel;
  • likely to cause damage to our vehicle; or
  • likely to cause damage to other passengers’ luggage or any other property.

In the event luggage is refused travel by Premium MTB Transfers, the passenger holds sole responsibility for any and all costs of alternate travel for their luggage. All luggage, including carry-on luggage, is the sole responsibility of the passenger.

Premium MTB Transfers accepts no responsibility and will not be liable for any damage to, theft or loss of any passenger luggage whilst using our service, including when on board a vehicle. Personal travel insurance is not included in your fare or ticket and we recommend you obtain adequate insurance prior to travel.

Unclaimed Luggage   
In the event a passenger leaves an item of luggage on a Premium MTB Transfers vehicle:

  • we will make all reasonable efforts to identify the owner of the luggage and notify them of the unclaimed luggage. Collection of the luggage will be the sole responsibility of the passenger.
  • Any freight fees incurred in transporting the luggage to an alternate location will be borne solely by the passenger. Premium MTB Transfers will store the item as lost property for a period of 30 days. Should the item remain unclaimed at the expiry of that storage period, the item will be disposed of at Premium MTB Transfers sole discretion.
  • Premium MTB Transfers will not be liable for any loss, expense or inconvenience incurred by the passenger.

Digital Representations
We reserve the right to take and collect digital representations of our services and use these for advertising and public media activities. By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept that your image may, from time to time, be in the social media or associated websites or other media outlets. We will not link these representation to your personal details without your consent.

Thrill Seekers MTB Pty Limited trading as Premium MTB Transfers
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